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Read me: The American Male at Age Ten

The American Male at Age Ten, by Susan Orlean. She’s someone whose work you need to be familiar with. Did you see the movie Adaptation? It was based on her book The Orchid Thief.

UPDATE: We will be discussing this Feb. 11, that’s next time. Also we’ll be talking about choosing a profile topic. Keep thinking about it.


Read me: Resurrecting the Champ

This was a Pulitzer Prize runner-up from 1997. What’s the thing here? The other thing? Be prepared to discuss in early Feb. Will give you exact date later.

As usual, please google Moehringer.

Read me: The Peekaboo Paradox

This story by Washington Post Magazine writer Gene Weingarten is one of the best examples of a profile I’ve read in the last couple years. Notice how it plays with your expectations. And think about where he goes as a writer/reporter where others may not dare to tread. It’s engrossing but it’s pretty damn funny, too.

*Update. I want to add that this story is about a guy named The Great Zucchini, the most popular childrens entertainer in Washington D.C. And it’s about his secrets. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this story, so please be sure to read it because I’m not going to shut up about it.

Start reading this when you can. We will be discussing it in class Feb. 4.

As usual, learn a little bit about Weingarten, too. Five minutes.

Read Me: Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

This is a link to the Gay Talese profile from 1966, “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.”

A couple things about this article. Talese was sent by Esquire to profile Sinatra, and Sinatra initially agreed to be interviewed. But when Talese got there, Sinatra changed his mind. He didn’t want to be interviewed any more. But Talese didn’t give up and go home. He hung around for six weeks, talking to everyone in Sinatra’s orbit and viewing his subject from a bit of a distance. What he produced was an amazingly intimate portrait without much one-on-one time with his subject.